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Our passion: to create drive and inspiration  

Reveal your abilities and assets. Acknowledge your inner strength. Find the right people to help and surround you. Boost your ideas and act!

At West to Ouest we are entrepreneurs passionate about Innovation and Personal Development.

We decided to create West to Ouest because we are deeply convinced that the world needs to change.

It needs to answer the biggest global issues humanity has ever faced, such as global warming, non-biodegradable waste management, dying soil, rise of the sea level, mass population migration, death of biodiversity, etc.

We believe that changing the world, in order to answer these problems, begins with empowering tomorrow’s leaders.

We need new, bold and charismatic leaders and visionaries who have the will to change the way we take care of the planet and all its inhabitants, including humanity.

West to Ouest aims to give worldwide best practices to future leaders who want to have a positive and powerful impact on our world.

Who's behind that?

CEO: Timothée Frydman

  • Social, Environmental and Energetical Innovations

  • Company organizations and systems

  • New forms of management 

  • History and arts 

  • Curiosity

  • Integrity 

  • Engagement & Commitment 

  • Fun 

Timothee has an Engineering School Degree and a process improvement certification. He has worked in process improvement consulting, change management and innovation in France for international companies. He can speak fluently French and English and professional Spanish.

Co-Founder: Emmy Druesne

  • Literature - reading & writing 

  • Change Management

  • Professional and Personal Development 

  • Travel 

  • Playfulness 

  • Excellence and Rigor

  • Relationships

Emmy has a Business School Degree and is a top referenced and certified Coach. She has worked in management consulting, change management and intrapreneurship in France and Canada for international companies. She can speak fluently French, English, German and Italian.


23 rue du Calvaire

44000 Nantes, France


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