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west to ouest?

West to Ouest is a human adventure centered on personal and business development.

We create Inspirational Adventures for high achieving people who can't find enough purpose in their life yet, and for people who want to drastically change their life in order to be more aligned with themselves.

We design these Inspirational Adventures to support participants during this life challenging time so that they can fully unplug and get ready for what's coming next. We believe that change comes from the encounter of new areas, new cultures, new ways of doing. Learning by doing and by experiencing your relationship with yourself, with others and with the environment around, is our promise. We'll work on your body, mind, and spirit through innovation and personal development.

Traveling with the West to Ouest community, you will benefit from the best practices from the US, Canadian and European West Coasts.

You will attend workshops and conferences in some of the most beautiful and innovative places in the world while being part of a strong and innovative change-making community. You will also have access to online content and experiences such as conferences, tutorials and group coaching.

While we recommend taking the full adventure package in order to access the whole experience, you can choose the length and type of adventure you want to journey on.

Who are we ?

We are two entrepreneurs passionate about Innovation and Personal Development with two complementary backgrounds.

Emmy has a Business School Degree and is a top referenced and certified Coach. She has worked in management consulting, change management and intrapreneurship in France and Canada for international companies. She can speak fluently French, English, German and Italian.

Timothee has an Engineering School Degree and a process improvement certification. He has worked in process improvement consulting, change management and innovation in France for international companies. He can speak fluently French and English and professional Spanish.

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